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Great night last night tuesday the 3rd. of june

Last night we had between  twenty and thirty people  at our house of story. We had several musicians some excellent and long time players and some young people starting to play for the first time .These people are a great delight , its great to see the young people starting out on a road where there will be great oppurtunities for them in the future.

Paul led the way with the music .Ned Kirwain did  Fear an Ti, and what a wonderful performance.While reassuring everbody there was no pressure on anybody to do something sing or recite  a story He kept the whole house moving and got the best out of everybody.Everyboy went home around 10.30 very relaxed after having such  a good night.

Looking foreward to our next night July the 1st.But do keep a check on the site as im learning the skill of putting up some photographs.

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