Do you want to join us in this work?

We are so looking foreward to next tuesday night the 3rd. of june

We are now  getting ready for our next storytelling  night (june the 3rd. starting at 8.30 pm.) Ever since we started every night is different. Yes ,,we have the reliable people who are always there, but it is the  new people who come that make the real differene to us who are always there.These are people who may be on vacation in ireland or people who come from other parts of ireland , they are so varied, But they make the difference


Do you know that you you can communicate with us  even if you have never been to our house , yes through our email and of course  that is free.  So if you would like to be in communication with us or tell us a story we would be delighted to hear from you .

So we will be back to you again tolet you know how our night goes on tuesday

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