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    The Original Farmhouse, Raheen, Ballyduff.

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    Renovation works underway

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    The Storytelling House fully Restored

You are most welcome to our unique website,with this tecknology we bring you into layers of irish history.

yes  thats what I said ,not only layers but thousands of years of layers of Irish exeriences, and here is why!

We only have  records of human writing for around the last seven thousand years and that is in the middle east.So

the only way people could communicate experiences was by telling stories.People are in Ireland communicating  through stories for  thousands of years.Our house at  Ballyduff in north wexford in Ireland  captured this Art before the old epople passed away  and the advent of television replaced the local gatherings in houses, which had gone on for centuries where people sang, told stories , recited recitation, danced and played music.

You are guaranteed  a great night  at  our fireside just as in the old days, where you will recieve acup of tea and some home cooking.If you have any irish blood  in your  veins then you are  in for  a real treat because this house was built  200 YRS AGO   and  everything even the fire place is the same.If  you are from Ireland or from any other countrycome and  experience what it was like.I discovered this house lying idle after I had  a dream ,then I put the dream into the house and here we are bringing the past alive.Here is the story of the dream……..

 I was at a conferece in Switzerland I was doing Person Development work and  I  had  a dream and that dream showed me a roadway. The roadway was familiar to me but across from the roadway, through the lands, there were scattered musical instruments. I was pondering what this was about in the dream or what these instruments were about and a voice said ‘See these instruments, they have been abandoned, and they have been left aside‘. I asked in the dream what they were for. A voice said ‘These instruments are for the healing of the land. They have been abandoned but they will bring healings and blessings, song, music and story’. The dream had the atmosphere of the sun rising at dawn, and every place was quite.

The dream ended, but later I have from expertise analysis and reflection upon the dream with subsequent other dreams, come to the conclusion that we needed a place where we could tell the story of Ireland, and that place would become a place, not just to tell the stories  but also a  place of music, song, spirituality and dance.You are now invited to become part of that story whether you live in Ireland or outside Ireland.

Bringing people together

When I returned home I waited for over a year and finally, after searching during that year, I knew I had found the right place in the broken down farmhouse in Raheen, Ballyduff. With some friends we set about the restoration of it, and during that time, and since that time we have had music, song, dance, gathering, camping for young people, celebrations of adventure through the mountains, storytelling, learning music, learning dance and bringing people together.Do join us  .We are there  the first  tuesday night of every month and every Tuesday for August

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