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Great night on the 1st.april and looking foreward to the 6th. of May,first tuesday of the month

Sorry about the delay in getting updated, life seems to get too busy.We realy had a wonderful  night at the beginning of this month on the night of the 1st of april.As well as having John to carry the music for the night Paul visited us again with his brilliant guitar playing ,intermingling with great story lines keeping us all intertained.We had Garrett Rooney  as our  “Faer An Ti “  ( Man of The House) and he gave great leadership in bringing out the best in all those who wanted to tell a story.

We are hearing great stories in our house at the moment, old stories from the liberties in Dublin.This is avery old part of Dublin city and our friends from there are repeating stories which  they heard  back in the 1940s.

We are planning to go utube in two months and this will be a wonderfull assistance to all of you who watch our web site for news of our storytelling evenings.Hope you are having a very good easter and you will be in our thought and mind if you are unable to visit us on the 6 of may . This will also be our” May Bush” evening .This is an old Irish custom of dressing up a bush in may with egg shels.tinsel paper, and all sorts of decorative  things> Now hymns are sung to mary the mother of Jesus in thank for the abundance fo nature  given to us at this time of spring.Jesus came to us to bring all of creation back to God.Looking foreward to the 6th. of may

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