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Tuesday the 1st. of july was a great night,our next night is Tuesday August the 5th.and then every tuesday for the month of August.

Last tuesday the first of july was  a great night  of music and variety of people  with our regular people there we people from other part of ireland and the U.S.A.This allowed for variety as well. There was a also a great spirit there as music can bring. As somebody said it was hard to stop.


People often ask how many people  would be with us on the one night?.The answer to  this is usually between 30 and 40, that was the number which we had  the last night. This number  allows  the space for all those that want, to perform once or twice .Our  house is continue to gather young and old together , to give a great night.So why not email us if you have  a story to tell.

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