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This time of year is a special time, Holloween.It is the time when our ancestors paid special attention to the other world .

This is indeed a special time In this special time we are having our STORY TELLING  NIGHT ON TUESDAY NIGHT THE

–FOURTH OF NOVEMBER– 4 of Novemer.This will commence at 8pm.Like all our storytelling nights we always await  our visitors , people like yourself, and then we begin.We never know how the night will turn out but one thing is certain no two night have been the same  in over twenty years.

Why is this  a special time? Because when St Patrick arrived among us , he found that our ancestors were full of fear at this time ,so many images of the other world  of  wild looking  spirits, demons witches wizards etc.St. Patrick told them of what christ had done.So they changed to giving attention to the sainst ,,people who are now happy in heaven , and celebrate with them and to pray for the ppeople who have died and are still on their way to Jesus

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